Now that’s a great idea – A bike with ice wheels!

Going by the kind of things this guy makes, most of us may have dubbed him a lunatic just after his jet powered bike. You still know him as Colin Furze? Well here is a reason to change your mind – an ice wheels bike, anyone? No, it is not the bike of the future – if you have studied some science in your 6th grade, you will figure out just why. Well, this is basically bike created for a video to promote thermal shirts from Uniqlo, Japanese clothing company.

You can read here for the details of how Mr. Furze – a plumber by profession and probably Britain’s finest garage inventor has created the wheels. Or you can glance through the crazy video of Fruze riding his BMX with ice wheels on road, in the ice skating rink and of course on a glacier. Have fun, but don’t try this at home.



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