Click Stick – Smart electric deodorant to zap body odor in style

Click Stick smart deodrant applicator

Have you always wanted a deodorant stick that dispenses the same amount of perfume and also reminds you when to get yourself emulsified in exotic smells? You just got lucky as a project on Kickstarter promises to do exactly that and much more. Click Stick is the world’s first smart deodorant applicator which is made from eco-friendly refills and has no overdose of aluminum active ingredient which can be really unhealthy.

Click Stick smart deodrant applicator

With the click of a button the precision dispenser throws out just the right amount of deodorant, every time. The compatible app makes sure that you apply the electric deodorant at set time which can be toggled according to your preferences. You can also alter the amount of deodorant to be applied with an adjustable sliding button.

Click Stick smart deodrant applicator

The cap of the electric deodorant applicator is light activated, meaning that it illuminates with LED lighting every time you open the stick to apply deodorant. This comes handy when you are applying the deodorant in night time or when the power is out.

Click Stick smart deodorant applicator

The project for Click Stick smart deodorant is up on Kickstarter and looks good to get funded. For early pledgers the deodorant stick will cost around $19 and only 4 slots are left in that category. However, if you are willing to pay more and get extra perks too, then the Click Stick can be yours. The shipping date for backers who have backed the project is estimated to be around May next year.

Source: Kickstarter



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