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It’s no secret that Apple has transformed itself into a juggernaut of the retail and tech world, building its customer base with staggering numbers each successive year. The real secrets to Apple’s success are in the minutiae of its operations, and the processes it employs to keep itself at the top of the scoreboards. With practices revolving around interconnected digital worlds, evolving tech, and paying attention to market demands; Apple has given itself a name and unmistakable brand in the eyes of consumers. The real question is how can you apply these genius tactics to your own business? What makes Apple’s operation so profitable? And is your business primed to take up the mantle with its own twist? Read below to find out what Apple is doing, why it works, and how you can implement these strokes of genius in your own business.

Hardware Compliance

Staying connected and relevant is one of the most prized, but also challenging, aspects of the modern tech industry. By keeping your devices in touch with the current market, and using your programs to interact with other software and hardware, you keep your brand and items in the spotlight for both investors and consumers. Apple’s approach with the iPad and iPod were revolutionary, relying on apps that interacted with other systems flawlessly that produced swift results. The iPad has recently become a hallmark of the Point-of-Sale (POS) industry, which relies on a server to keep track of your finances, employee movement or promotions, and inventory numbers. Because of the iPad’s mobility and slew of available apps, it was a natural choice for implementation in the POS world, where connectivity is the name of the game.

As a piece by Retail Customer Experience pointed out, the iPad is a prime pick in an industry dominated by paper copies and expensive ink cartridges, relying on pixels and environmentally-friendly features such as cloud storage can save you money in your business. Apple was also quick to encourage third-party companies to produce hardware accessories for the iPad. Be sure to choose hardware that is compatible and built for longevity with other systems.

Consistent Overhauls

Another reason why Apple has been able to hold on, and indeed, move so far ahead of its competition, is because it refuses to stay complacent in its upgrades and new feature additions. As the Independent recently noted, Apple’s list of improvements in its iOS 8 system are remarkable, if not groundbreaking. Improvements to communication and texting, photo editing apps, and cloud storage have turned iOS 8 into a true renaissance overhaul for the iPod and iPad, creating an experience that is more user-friendly and versatile than ever before.

The constant upgrades in the Apple world have also fostered an atmosphere of better security and privacy from the world of Windows, where recent retail hackings have claimed countless consumer data files. Apple has been tireless in keeping its platforms and apps on the forefront of the retail market’s mind, producing better and more secure interactions for the Mac platform in business. Because of its upgrades and generally airtight programming, the Mac has been lauded for retail use, and has been rightfully propped up as one of your best choices for business application. When choosing your business platform, use something that won’t be vulnerable or leave you with security woes, as these can severely harm your reputation.

Appeal to the Cutting Edge

Staying current may be one of the top priorities for businesses and tech companies, but it doesn’t always guarantee success in the consumer base. Your brand name may be associated with overhauls, but may not grab the attention of potential clients. Apple has been dedicated to staying cool and sleek with its designs, partnering with other big-name tech companies when the market demanded it. Tab Times noted that IBM has recently joined with Apple to produce a slew of new apps, including programs meant to simplify travel and general domestic usage.

By keeping in touch with its customer base and appealing to their lives and needs, Apple demonstrates supreme understanding and handling of the marketplace. When marketing your own goods, particularly in retail, keep the desires of the consumer in mind, and fill the niche for upcoming trends before they truly blossom. If you’re one step ahead, you’re still running with the other retailers in the pack. Take Apple’s lead and study the market so you can run laps around your competition.

Watching Apple’s stocks rise, rise, and rise can quickly dampen your hopes for your own business. But the secrets to Apple’s place of power and dominance in the market aren’t so secret once you examine the trends. When optimizing your own business, pay attention to the manner in which Apple keeps itself relevant and fresh, and make sure you follow in the footsteps of giants, especially when dealing with modernizing your retail approach. Without evolution, your brand can quickly stagnate. So keep your approach open, flexible, and informed by the masters.



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