HP’s MB Chronowing smartwatch will appeal to all fashion conscious consumers


The world of smartwatches is becoming crazier by the day, but with the objective to keep tech simple yet make it more vogue oriented, HP has teamed up with renowned fashion designer Michael Bastian to produce a new smartwatch dubbed MB Chronowing. The new wearable timepiece doesn’t feature cutting edge technology but is perfect accessory to appeal with all fashion conscious consumers.

Featuring a monochromatic LCD display with three physical buttons instead of a touchscreens (common sight on most smartwatches), the MB Chronowing smartwatch connects with the smartphone via Bluetooth and vibrates to notify incoming calls, text messages, emails or calendar alerts and the weather update.

MB Chronowing by HP and Michael Bastian

The MB Chronowing smartwatch displays time and alerts on its screen and also allows the user to control the connected device’s music player from the watch itself. The watch is compatible with both iOS 4S and newer and Android 4.3 and upward devices and is waterproof up to 50m.

Scheduled to launch on November 7, the MB Chronowing will be available in two distinct versions – a stainless steel smartwatch and a sapphire crystal glass smartwatch. While the basic stainless steel watch will come with leather, nylon and rubber straps for $350, the sapphire crystal glass watch will come with black casing and an alligator strap for $650.



MB Chronowing by HP and Michael Bastian-1

MB Chronowing by HP and Michael Bastian-2

Via: WSJ/Gizmag



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