Iraqi blacksmith makes his own Armored Personnel Carrier to fight ISIS militants

Homemade APC armored vehicle

Pissed-off by the grim situation in Iraq and Syria due to the capturing of territory by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a veteran Iraqi Kurdish man decided to make his own Armored Personnel Carrier. A blacksmith by profession, Shahbaz Sindi spent 10 hours of his day for 2 months in making the vehicle that looks and functions like a conventional APC. Completely handmade and equipped with all the defense mechanism to take on any kind of attack from ISIS, the APC can reach an incredible speed of 100 km/h.

This APC has an armed machine gun and dual layer armored protection in case the militants fire shots. The inside layer is made from robust material that is impregnable and the outer layer is movable to protect tires and machinery from damage. Even if the tires are hit by a bullet, the special material inside the tires protect them from flattening.

Homemade APC armored vehicle

Shahbaz sorted out all the essential components of the APC and made them without any help from experts which is quite astounding. The vehicle is almost complete and Shahbaz plans to give this APC to Iraqi Kurds to take on the relentless ISIS militants.

Credit: RT



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