INYU: Wearable device that measures physical and emotional health

INYU wearable device tracks emotional health

INYU wearable device tracks emotional health

This is “The Inner You” (INYU) which is a wearable device that measures your bio-signals to gauge the emotional levels of a person at any given point. The device is co-developed by Srinivasan Murali, co-founder and CEO of Switzerland-based SmartCardia. INYU is based on a research from the Embedded Systems Laboratory at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and is primarily designed to track Electrocardiogram (ECG), breathing and other key vital biological functions of the user to get timely feedback on any treatment that might be needed to cure an illness.

Although there are many health trackers and heart-rate monitors out there but INYU stands out as it not only tracks the physical well-being but also the emotional state of the person. For example the variation in heartbeats is a tell-tale sign of stress or the amount of sweat on skin determines the emotional intensity. Similarly breathing is indicator of autonomic nervous system functions.

Taking all these factors into consideration INYU can accurately determine the emotional as well as physical health of the person. The device can have many applications like controlling devices just by thinking or automatically shut-down a device when you are not in the mood to use it, for example while gaming if there are anomalies in the biological state of the body, the video game could be altered to arouse interest.

INYU wearable device

Can control smart devices just by thought

INYU is going to be priced at Rs 9000 (USD $147), however the launch date is not yet being revealed by the company, but it is sure that the first market will be India. Although it is going to be an interesting wearable device that controls objects just by determining the emotional levels of the user.



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