Penguin Robot blends into the tribe for wildlife study

Penguin robot

Animals in the wild don’t like much human interference in their daily routine and this is what makes wildlife filming a very sensitive and tedious task. Sensible wildlife photographers and videographers always give priority to the privacy of wild animals even when it means sacrificing a winning photography shot. Now technology has come to the forte as studying wild animals in their natural habitat has now become easier with remote-controlled pods disguised as the animal being shot. For example this remote-controlled penguin robot disguised as an emperor penguin chick can blend into the tribe and shoot the natural behavior of animals.

Shooting penguins with the presence of this robotic chick is all the more important since it increases their heart rate abruptly and makes them shift a little from their nests in distrust.

Apparently, the Penguin-bot has four wheels and on top rest a fluffy robot that is designed to monitor the behavior of penguins in Possession Island in the Indian Ocean and Emperor penguins in Antarctica. The robotic chick robot was tested with and without the fluffy bird on-board and is showed that the penguins were more comfortable with the cute new member in the group.

Penguin robot

The remote-controlled rover is fitted with an antenna that reads the electronic ID tags fitted on some chosen penguins. This is important because the tag cannot be read beyond a distance of 60 cm and the only feasible method to do it is by blending into the tribe. In some instances the robot chick was openly accepted by the adults as they supervised it along with other baby penguins in a close huddle.

Penguin robot

Credit: NatureMethods Via: IEESpectrum



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