Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code sports a revolutionary paint that generates electricity

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code hybrid coupe

Mercedes-Benz is out with their latest take on future of concept cars that are going to be healthy for the environment and able to harness energy in brand new ways. Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code unveiled at the Mercedes’ Advanced Design Studio in Beijing is a plug-in hybrid vehicle that has combustion engine running on hydrogen to power the front wheels and electric motor to drive the rear axle transmitting power to each of the wheels selectively depending on the driving conditions. But the USP of this car is the multi-volatic silver finish that charges electrostatically as the wind touches it, adding to the power reserve!

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code is all about harnessing energy and then transmitting or storing the energy to power the wheels. Along with the multi-voltaic silver paint, the car also has regenerative braking system to provide extra charge when the vehicle brakes.

Gorden Wagener, head of design of Daimler AG said

The G-Code is both beautiful and intelligent, and interprets our typical Mercedes Coupé design idiom.

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code

Unveiled at the Mercedes’ Advanced Design Studio in Beijing

Visually the coupe looks stunning with the windshield running all the way to the side windows. And the visual uniqueness doesn’t end there as the car has unique lights that light-up in the grille to indicate its position. For example when the car is parked blue lights pulsate, when in electric mode the light is up in same color, toggles to purple when powered by both the front and rear engines while it changes to vivid red when in sports driving mode.

In addition to that the car has 21-inch aluminum wheels with carbon-fibre spokes and the counter-opening doors give it a very muscular look. The most stunning part of the interiors is the steering wheel that comes out of the instrument panel and unfold like a butterfly.

The car can be switched-off with a smartphone and the driver assist systems aided by 3D cameras give the driver complete control on the road.

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code

Stunning light display for all the driving modes

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code

Concept car with a vision for the future

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code

Visually appealing muscular design

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code

Sporty interiors

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code

Futuristic looking dashboard with all the controls

Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code

The concept design final render

Source: MercedesBenz



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