NTT Docomo’s NRR robot wheelchair ensures safe personal mobility for elderly

NRR robot wheelchair by NTT Docomo

Tmsuk and NTT Docomo have developed a wheelchair robot dubbed as New Robot Rodem (NRR) that helps the user in moving without the need of any help of caregivers. The robotic wheelchair has a rear side opening from which the user can get inside it by using the arms and moving the hip a tad. While this is not possible with other wheelchairs that require the patient to crave for help in case they have some physical disability or especially for elderly who have problem in moving too much due to muscle fatigue.

NRR robot wheelchair by NTT Docomo

NRR robot wheelchair is equipped with five wheels and is controlled with a joystick. The maximum speed of the wheelchair is 6km/h and it weights around 100 kg in total. This wheelchair has a lead-acid battery which can be charged in eight hours and then used for approximately eight hours in normal usage mode.

NRR robot wheelchair by NTT Docomo

The wheelchair can be docked with a smartphone that can automatically access the preferences of the user like speed, seat height or other things. In case the wheelchair topples over it automatically makes a phone call to the specified numbers for help.

According to Yoichi Takamoto, representative director of Tmsuk, the robot wheelchair is going to be priced at ¥1 million (approx US$8,804).

Credit: Techon



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