Apple Watch Gold Edition rumored to cost $5000!

Gold edition Apple smartwatch

Apple Watch is all set to release in early 2015 and already the rumors about an 18-karat pink or yellow gold version are brewing up. The basic Apple Watch Sports version is going to cost around $349, but there is an Apple Watch Stainless Steel version that will cost $500. That is just a meagre amount when one considers the mind-numbing cost of pink or yellow gold version which is going to cost anywhere between $4000 to $5000 a-piece. The report comes from a French website iGen which got the news from an unnamed source.

Gold edition Apple smartwatch

Not that much money for a gold frame smartwatch that is going to be redundant in terms of specifications in just a few months doesn’t make sense. However if Apple is going to have removable chips and other components then it could be a good move since there is another rumor in the cloud that Apple might be working on a removable processor chip for the Apple Watch.

Stainless Steel Apple Watch

It remains to be seen whether Apple will decide to market such an expensive smartwatch when the wearable technology market is so dynamic. For now, enjoy the gold edition and stainless steel edition Apple Watch in pictures.

Gold edition Apple smartwatch

Gold edition Apple smartwatch

Gold edition Apple smartwatch

Source: iGen Via: Mashable



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