A small plane takes off from a real-life drone Helicarrier – Movie-like indeed!

Drone Take Off From A Flying Drone Carrier

Remember the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier? Well, I don’t remember if we have seen something similar in the real world already? Here’s the change – flying enthusiasts at Flite Test have built and successfully tested what is the first remote controlled Helicarrier. This flying quadcopter aircraft carrier (in video below) takes to the sky with another small sized plane drone on its back. When the quadcopter, with a runway, is stable mid-flight, the plane on top of it takes off from the runway and flies away.

Something straight out of Marvel comics – this DIY Helicarrier is modified as quadcopter with four rotors and a platform over it that functions as the runway for a smaller plane. Unfortunately, the carrier drone is really basic, and you wouldn’t see it carrying anything more than the size of the plane that takes off from its back – but it’s good to exhibit that a concept like this has future potential.

It really long before human-sized version of Helicarrier could hit the scene because as Popsci reports – “The energy needs for such a craft are tremendous, requiring the same amount of force as that generated by some 70 Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters to lift it into the air.”



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