Is Neclumi projection-based interactive necklace, jewelry of the future?

Neclumi projection-based necklace

Personally speaking, I don’t think anyone would be willing to trade gold and other precious metals for light; at least not in the near future. But, this is exactly what an ambitious jewelry project from a Polish design and art group panGenerator is demanding from us. panGenerator has designed Neclumi – a projection-based interactive necklace, believing projection-based jewelry and wearable devices could be the future.

With Neclumi, panGenerator is tapping in the trend of wearable electronics being treated as jewelry and fashion accessory instead of gadgets. Remember Jony Ive confirming Apple Watch as fashion accessory? Neclumi is currently based on the iPhone and a picoprojector – the iPhone projects using a custom app, while a picoprojector connects through a HDMI cable and the gadgets are attached to the wearer’s chest. panGenerator will be soon working on a standalone version of Neclumi.

According to the video demo, Neclumi has four distinct modes. Airo, Roto Sono and Movi. In Airo mode, the projected necklace reacts to your walking speed. In Roto mode, the necklace reacts to compass to rotate as the body rotates. In Sono mode the necklace reacts to your voice and in Movi mode it reacts to your body movement.

Neclumi projection-based necklace-1

Neclumi projection-based necklace-2

Neclumi projection-based necklace-3

Neclumi projection-based necklace-4

Source: PP Via: VisualNews



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