Jawbone UP MOVE fitness tracker for just $50

Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone is out with their affordable fitness tracker called UP MOVE that comes at a great price of $49.99 targeted for the lower end of the market. Jawbone UP MOVE fitness hardware looks like a plastic wristband with LED light rim that indicates the daily progress just by the push of a button. And not to forge that the tracker has user-replaceable coin-cell battery that lasts for almost 6 months. This water-resistant fitness tracking band is at the lower end of Jawbone’s product lineup and aims to increase the user-base.

Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone UP MOVE counts the number of steps you have taken and also functions as a sleep tracker for overall fitness tracking. The fitness tracker works in conjunction with the UP app which converts all the stats collected from UP MOVE into meaningful suggestions and fitness regimes.

Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone UP MOVE is going to be available for purchase this month and although it provides very basic fitness and health tracking capabilities, it still gives newbie users a change to experience what fitness trackers can do in their daily routine. The wearable accessory will ship in black, blue, grape, ruby and slate colors.

Source: Jawbone



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