Amazon Echo: Voice controlled speaker with brains that’ll put Siri to shame!

Amazon Echo bluetooth speaker

For years Amazon has been innovating in the product and services market not only by giving a platform for ecommerce but also by developing intuitive products of their own. This time around Amazon has created a product that I have to say has impressed me beyond imagination, simply because of its functionality and the way in which it could make our lives interesting. Amazon Echo is a Siri, Google Now or Cortana like personal assistant shoved inside a speaker of cylindrical form factor to solve any quires that you shoot its way.

Connected seamlessly to the cloud, this product can do anything you want; for example play your favorite music, set reminders, wake you up in the morning, add items to your shopping list, solve any queries etc. And all this from any corner of the room and normal audible voice courtesy the beam-forming technology with seven microphones that have enhanced noise cancellation technology.

All you have to do is use the word “Alexa” followed by your query the personal assistant kicks into action. Let’s take an example – if you want to set an alarm all you have to do is say “Alexa, set the alarm at 05:00 hours in the morning”. Or if you have to play popular pop music in the current month then just say “Alex, play the top pop charts for this month”. You can also sync it with the Amazon Echo App to manage alarms, music, shopping lists and more.

Amazon Echo bluetooth speaker

Anything you ask Amazon Echo, there is an answer to it instantly. And amazingly all this just by saying it, no need to turn on any device or push any buttons like in case of other voice-assisted personal assistants. Moreover the speaker is quite capable of producing immersive audio for a big room in case you want to play music from services like Amazon Prime Music, iHeart Radio and TuneIn Plus. Along with that the Bluetooth connectivity option allows the user to connect it to services like Spotify, Pandora and other audio apps.

Amazon Echo bluetooth speaker

Amazon Echo is not just a simple personal assistant but an intelligent one that continuously keeps on learning and adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary and preferences. Now that is simply superb!

Amazon Echo is going to come at a price of $199 in the coming weeks and for a lucky few prime members it will come at $99 price tag via an invitation based system. To learn more jump right away to the product page by clicking here.

Amazon Echo bluetooth speaker



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