First Ascent drone retracts into the shape of a water bottle

Backcountry Drones  First Ascent drone

Backcountry Drones First Ascent drone folds into itself

Drones have been ruling the roost when it comes to surveillance and taking never before seen footage. The design however has been the priority for drone manufactures as a lightweight frame always has an advantage. Backcountry Drones have developed a drone tailor-made for adventure seekers who like to keep the weight of their backpack down and want to have a flying machine that can take-off from their palm and land on ground without the need of a landing gear. Although the Backcountry Drones First Ascent drone may not be as compact as the Nixie drone but it surely is good enough to make it through the production lines.

Made from 3D printed composite parts, First Ascent drone prototype came into existence when Backcountry Drones team had a tough time at the Granite Mountains in Prescott AZ, which is a 500 feet cliff of Proterozoic granite.

The drone features two motors and speed controller with spring-like propellers that fall down when not rotating. This ingenious design eliminates the need for any landing gear to make the drone land safely, since the cylindrical body absorbs the impact.

First Ascent drone is designed to take off from any surface, so that the user can click a quick picture and then make it return to the ground. Backcountry Drones team plans to reduce the size of the current prototype and equip it with hardware that makes it fly without a hitch.

The foldable drone is expected to hit the production lines in the latter half of 2015 as the makers first want to test it extensively for all weather conditions and terrain. So, in all likelihood the drone is going to be crowd-funded to gather the money required to push it into production.

Backcountry Drones  First Ascent drone

Shaped like a water bottle

Backcountry Drones  First Ascent drone

Easily configurable 3D components

Backcountry Drones  First Ascent drone

Easily fits into you backpack for adventure trips

Backcountry Drones  First Ascent drone

Compact and lightweight form set to be improved in coming months

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