NeoNook: Neonatal Infant Care device replicates womb-like environment for sick baby

NeoNook Neonatal Infant Care concept

NeoNook Neonatal Infant Care concept

Newborn infants require unconditional care and medical consulting since it is their most delicate phase of life. Many infants don’t make it past the initial phase simply because of lack of medical care and other factors. To help avert this, NeoNook – Neonatal Infant Care concept designed by Dawid Dawod from Sweden and Alastair Warren (both from Umeå Institute of Design) provides treatment for incubating infants by giving them a womb like environment.

NeoNook gives great importance to mother-child contact and tries to stimulate the comforting environment by providing an incubating environment by simulating the biorhythms of mother that is unmatchable. The ventilating breathing mask can be adjusted and is designed in way that replicates the womb-like comforting environment.

NeoNook Neonatal Infant Care concept

Unmatched care for infants who require medical attention

To emulate the biorhythm of mother, a small biofeed device in the shape of a pendant is worn by the mother that transmits the breathing rhythm, body temperature and heartbeat sounds or even the words familiar to the baby. This helps in reducing the stress levels and aiding in speedy recovery in case there are any respiratory problems or mild infections.

Apparently NeoNook won the 2014 Red Dot Design Best of the Best Award and a Bronze in the International Design Excellence Awards category for Medical and Scientific design. The duo also managed to bag student runner-up in the equipment category of Core77 Awards. It remains to be seen, as to when the concept will be materialized into a prototype and finally into a medical equipment that will help reduce mortality rate of infants.

NeoNook Neonatal Infant Care concept

Connects with a wearable device that mother wears



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