Motionize makes iPhone your personal kayaking coach on water

Motionize for kayakers

When all sports are getting some kind of technology to make it more exciting, how could Kayaking remain behind? Enter Motionize, a three part system which provides advanced tracking and coaching assist to kayakers of all skill levels. The system comprises a waterproof case and cradle that works as the Kayak’s dashboard with iPhone inside for its screen, comes with two activity trackers that are embedded to the paddles, and an app to track all the data.

The cradle mounted to the front of the kayak, is durable and water-resistant and works as a case for the iPhone, which displays all the data. The cradle also has a built-in battery which ensure the iPhone remains functional for long adventure rides. Motionize further has two activity tracking sensors each with three accelerometers, three gyros, and three magnetometers. The sensors attach to the center of the paddles to detect and analyze each padding motion you make (data displayed on the iPhone docked on board).

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With Motionize kayakers can analyze and thus improve their padding motion in real time. The kayaker can get instant feedback of padding technique, angle of the paddle blades, paddling balance on either side along with distance traveled per stroke. Helping Kayakers become better with instant information of the routine, the Motionize helps cover more distance with ease. In addition to the visual data, the system also guides the kayaker with audio feedback, just like a coach in real time.

Other two exciting features of the Motionize include – emergency assistance and community building. The system comes with an iPhone app to send text message to any predetermined account with location and details in case the kayaker is in emergency, and it allows the users to share their kayaking stats with friends and kayakers over social media, thus creating a community of sorts. Coming out mid-2015, the Motionize is available for pre-order.

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