Chinese programmer hacks iPhone 6 Plus to run Windows 98

iPhone 6 plus hacked to run windows 98

What happens when brand new iPhone 6 Plus lands in the hands of a Chinese programmer; you get Apple iOS 8 replaced with 16-year-old Windows 98 OS. According to (popular Chinese tech forum), a member has hacked his new iPhone 6 Plus to run Windows 98. Now we know, Chinese genuinely don’t like the Apple devices and platforms in their natural form. Jokes apart, the hacker says, he managed to install Win98 using iDOS, an emulator available on App Store that allows users to play classic DOS (Disk Operating System) games on Apple devices.

iPhone 6 plus hacked to run windows 98-1

For evidence purpose, the Chinese hacker posted screenshots showing a black iPhone 6 Plus running Windows 98 instead of the iOS, most advanced mobile operating system from Apple. The Windows 98 screenshots definitely look vibrant on the iPhone, but be informed before trying to hack you iPhone 6 Plus – most of the images show error messages. But if you are still convinced to hack your iPhone, here are instructions on how you can do it (Chinese required).

iPhone 6 plus hacked to run windows 98-2

Via: Telegraph



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