LG’s bendable smartphone could be unveiled at CES 2015

LG bendable phone

LG bendable phone

It has been a year since LG launched its curved screen phone, the G Flex. Since then a lot a happened in the curved screen market with the agonizing Bendgate issue haunting Apple. Now taking some positive cues from the whole fiasco, LG has got plans for launching a bendable phone in the early part of 2015, most probably at the CES. This comes as a refreshing news for the smartphone market which is going to be followed by rollable and folding phones!

LG roadmap bendable smartphone

LG’s roadmap for gadgets

To take a safe bet, it would be appropriate to say that LG G4 or LG G Flex are going to be the probable models that will get the bendable aesthetic. LG is for sure going to market the smartphone as bendable since it signals a very known term in the mind of geeks who just can’t help but think of the iPhone 6 Plus bending issue.

LG bendable phone

It could be LG G Flex 2 or LG G4

As you can see from the official roadmap given by LG, the bendable smartphone is surely going to make a debut in 2015, followed by rollable and foldable screen phones in 2017.

LG bendable phone

The jinx of Bendgate issue!

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