Xmetrics activity tracker fine tunes your swimming technique in real time

Xmetrics activity tracker

Xmetrics is your swimming coach in real time

Whether you are a pro swimmer or a casual swimmer, it is always good to know about your performance. A coach always comes in handy, but now every swimmer can have the luxury of affording a coach as and when you feel like swimming. The next thing is to have a wearable gadget that can analyze your swimming performance real time. Xmetrics is that very gadget which gives performance feedback in real time by relaying the number of strokes, lap time, quality of turn, swimming technique etc. The gadget attaches to the back of your swimming goggles and with the compatible earphones gives up-to-date feedback on all you swimming analysis and bio-mechanical data.

Xmetrics and the paired earphones are waterproof to a distance of one meter underwater which is good for swimmers who swim close to the surface. The device can be programmed with training schedules via the Xmetrics app according to needs. For example during the warm-up period one can program it to relay beeps for 10 minutes and after that start relaying the performance information.

Xmetrics activity tracker

Seamlessly syncs with your app for swimming tips

For later analysis the device data can be analyzed by a coach or instructor who can give suggestions on how to improve the game. The wearable gadget will come in two versions – Xmetrics PRO and Xmetrics FIT which are tailored for professional swimmers and regular users respectively. Xmetrics FIT gives real time audio feedback at fixed intervals, tracks laps, number of strokes and comes with a multi-platform app to review the performance. Xmetrics PRO goes one step further by providing additional features like a fully customized audio feedback, the option to share data with coach, sync your device via an app by a professional coach and the option to customize the look of your device.

Xmetrics activity tracker for swimmers is up for funding in Indiegogo platform and already surpassed the funding goal with more than 4 weeks still to go. For those who fund this project, Xmetrics FIT will cost $125 and $199 for the PRO version. Whereas in the retail market later on, Xmetrics will come with a price tag of $199 for the FIT model and $299 for the PRO device.

Xmetrics activity tracker

Performance analysis and swimming tweaks

Xmetrics activity tracker

Improves swimming of pro and casual users dramatically

Source: Xmetrics



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