Prynt case turns your smartphone into a Polaroid camera

Prynt smartphone case

Want to turn your smartphone into a cool Polaroid camera that prints instant pictures of precious moments with your friends? Then you got to have a look at the Prynt case that morphs your smartphone into a color printing camera. This cool accessory for your Android or iOS smartphone plugs-in directly to the smartphone and then gives you the option to print any picture that you want instantly, just like a Polaroid camera. In a way you can call your smartphone a Polaroid camera which can print cool colored photographs instantly. Perhaps, the best thing that a selfie enthusiast would want.

Prynt smartphone case

In the current prototype version of Prynt it takes around 50 seconds from the time you give the command to print the photo. The case can hold only one paper at a time, but the retail version is going to have 10-30 sheets of paper and will take less than 30 seconds to print.

Currently Prynt is in prototype stage and the French startup is looking for independent investors or the most feasible option is to get it crowd-funded through Kickstarter. According to CEO Clement Perrot, the case will cost around $99 and will have support for flagship 4.x–inch screen smartphones.

Source: Prynt Via: TechCrunch



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