Samsung Project Beyond: Gear VR headset for Virtual reality travel to anywhere in the world

Samsung Project Beyond virtual reality environment

Samsung Project Beyond 360 degree camera

At the 2014 Developers Conference, Samsung has revealed its 360 camera module christened Project Beyond Camera that captures the scene in 3D. Thereafter, any user with the Gear VR headset can watch that place in amazing detail, just as if he/she is present there in reality. Although at this point in time the 3D camera is able to capture the detailed stereoscopic scene from just one standing point and when later on some user sees the scene using Gear VR headset they have to stand still and look around and up or down.

The Project Beyond 360 Camera by Think Tank is headed by Pranav Mistri, San Jose’s Think Tank Team, researchers, designers and engineers who are on their way to develop the world’s first 3D omniview camera which is capable of reconstructing high-resolution imagery of the surroundings to any Gear VR user. Samsung claims that the imagery produced by the camera is immersive and offers an experience like none other.

However, people who used the Gear VR headset to see the pre-recorded scenes at Developers Conference 2014 found some glitches that of-course will be fixed by Samsung. First of all the lack of sound makes it very hard to get an immersive feel. Secondly, if the user moves from his/her current position then there is an anomaly in the scene being shown since it is shot from a fixed standing position.

Having said all that, the project still looks impressive and there is lot of expectation for improvement. We’ll keep you posted on all the updates regarding the Project Beyond developments.

Samsung Project Beyond virtual reality environment

Camera that clicks 360 degree imagery



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