Teenager creates bike wheel powered battery charger for mobile devices

Spinning Power UF mobile device charger

Harnessing energy that is all around us is paramount in developing systems that can be powered for long duration using natural energy sources. Yet another example of energy harnessing system is this bike-wheel powered charger device. Christened as Spinning Power UF, the device attaches to your bike’s wheel and the spinning motion powers it up to consequently charge mobile devices like smartphone.

Brainchild of Philip Zachrison from Angelholm, Sweden, the device is not like something that we haven’t seen earlier. Infact there have been a handful of such similar energy harnessing gadgets, but this one vouches to be more energy efficient and can be produced at far less cost.

Spinning Power UF charger attaches to the wheel of your bicycle and the dynamo turns by the spinning motion. This in turn produces electricity which is stored in the device itself and when needed the USB output of Spinning Power UF charges up your smartphone when the battery runs out.

Philip is looking to get the portable bike wheel charging battery into production and into the commercial market by the time of Christmas. The price of this bike battery charging system for your mobile devices is going to cost around USD $12 which BTW is going to be far less than other such devices.

Via: FoxNews/Angelholm



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