Ditto – The $29 no nonsense wearable gadget is here

Ditto wearable gadget for mobile devices

Ditto relays notifications from your mobile device(s) in the simplest way possible

As we are heading into a technology dominated world, where we are the slaves of our smartphones and other gadgets, it is important to reclaim our life. Going by the same notion is this minimalistic wearable by Simple Matters called Ditto which is on a mission to free humanity from the shackles of mobile device domination. This wearable gadget is the simplest of all the wearable gadgets that you’d encounter these days because is an anti-gadget device. A gadget that is made to give you only important notifications, and that too without any buttons, screen or irritating sounds.

Ditto wearable gadget for mobile devices

Hook it onto your clothes to get notifications via vibration alert

Ditto is compatible with iOS and Android phones and can be hooked on to the shirt, put in the pocket or worn as a wristband. The wearable device gives notification in set vibration patterns, so that you know what is important and what is not. For example a call from boss would have a different notification vibration like two beeps and something not so important like a group message from your Facebook feed would have one beep.

Ditto wearable gadget for mobile devices

Wear it as a bracelet all the time

The device can notify when you have accidently forgotten your phone at home, about important meetings or something else that is important. Moreover the device doesn’t need any charging and is small enough to carry with you at all times.

Ditto is currently up on Kickstarter for funding and with over a week to go it remains to be seen whether it gets the project amount or not. All this for just $29 and you’ll have complete peace of mind after that. I would not mind buying one of these since it frees me from the stranglehold of mobile devices that are such a headache at times.

Ditto wearable gadget for mobile devices

Reclaim your life with Ditto!



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