Solar powered ‘Twinkling Dragonfly Necklace’ from Lumen Electronic Jewelry

Solar powered ‘Twinkling Dragonfly Necklace’ from Lumen Electronic Jewelry

Lumen Electronic Jewelry has designed a wonderful Twinkling LED Dragonfly necklace, which is powered by tiny solar cells attached on the included circuit board. The blinking part is the focus, but more than that, the idea to use solar power is an additional compliment of this wearable jewelry. This piece of jewelry is a hard work of four years by the combo of a brother and his sister. Both of them are engineers and share great thought compatibility.

Marty and Robin Lawson created 8 design iterations before they could come out with the final product. The jewelry is a circuit board with 16 amber LED lights in the wings, which are connected to 12 small solar cells. Well, that’s a nice idea as the solar powered necklace doesn’t ask for a battery, which would have made it heavier, bulky sort of thing. If you are wearing it throughout the day, then it’s ready to blink for next five hours during the night.

Solar powered ‘Twinkling Dragonfly Necklace’ from Lumen Electronic Jewelry 2

Even if you don’t have time for sun to rise, then it does include a micro-USB connector for a quick charge. This duo knows where exactly this blinking Dragonfly would go often – the disc or parties, where you’ll sweat a lot. The sweat contains salt and water, which can tarnish jewelry. Therefore, it comes with an epoxy coating. That means if you drop it in a bucket of water and even keep it there for a few days, you’ll find it working.

The necklace, no doubt, is meant for geeks only. Whom else do you expect to hang that piece of blinking electronic circuit around their necks? Only the geeky once would find it attracting, others might enjoy a laugh over it. If you are still reading it, then you must be a geek. So, fetch one for yourself on Etsy for only $150.



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