Game console lets you play Mario or Tetris with only one move a day

Ishac Bertran Slow Games

It’s a fast passed world this; and video games we play make it all them more speedy. The video games engage a player in such an immersive environment that almost everything around ceases to exist. To transform this fast-paced environment into a ‘contemplative experience’, a New York-based designer, Ishac Bertran has designed and created a range of video game consoles, which surprisingly only allow players to make one move a day – on games such as Mario, Tetris and Pong.

The game consoles with their own input mechanism are cube shaped devices aptly named Slow Games. The cubes have a button on top, which work as the controller, while little dots on the façade are the avatar and the world in which they function. While all the present day games require hand-eye coordination skills to clear stages every day, the Slow Games Bertran says challenges your memory and observation.

Ishac Bertran Slow Games-1

Each Slow Games cube has its own input controller – the Mario cube has a push button on top, the logger the player presses the controller, the higher the avatar jumps. The Tetris cube on the other hand allows the player to control the game by rotating it. The Pong cube again has a controller on top, which needs to be toggled to indicate where the ball bounces. The entire activity on one move reflects on the each cube’s screen in one day. So, are you game for the Slow Game?

Via: Wired



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