Colin Furze’s tuk tuk loaded with weapons and a Honda CBR600 engine!

TUK600 Colin Furze tuk tuk with weapons

TUK600 Colin Furze tuk tuk with weapons!

Colin Furze, the crazy but intelligent geek is at it again with a whooping creation of his. With the release of Far Cry 4 yesterday, Colin also revealed his new creation which is an adaptation of the vehicle shown in the Ubisoft game. A weaponized tuk tuk that Colin made, since Ubisoft asked him to do so and agreed to bear all the expenses of the project. He bought a Bajaj tuk tuk (mobility three wheeler) from eBay and then modified it with upgrades that enhanced its performance. And yes he gave it a name too, the TUK600.

To boost the speed he fitted the tuk tuk with a CBR600 engine and broad tires for grip. Of-course he fitted it with retractable guns that are ready to fire at enemies with the push of a button.

This tuk tuk is one of the bad ass machines that can drift, perform wheelies and donut or spitting out 15 feet flames from the rear. Definitely this has to be one of the best creations by Colin who never stops surprising us.

TUK600 Colin Furze tuk tuk with weapons

It can do a wheelie, donut and fire fake weapons too!

Have a look at the making of this tuk tuk that Colin made especially for Ubisoft to boost the sales of their Far Cry 4 game. Seriously this is one advertising move that will please gamers and geeks who love to get crazy.

Modifying the tuk tuk

Fitting the weapons

Far Cry 4

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