Blocks Camera unveils a modular multi-functional camera

Blocks Camera

California-based Blocks Camera have unveiled the most powerful multi-functional camera. Designed to perform a number of activities, the modular architecture of camera makes it customizable and highly efficient. The flexible design of the camera allow the users to swap components in-and-out. Referred as blocks, they offer the photographers with various camera and video options, such as like 3D and 360-degree photography. The blocks also includes external battery modules which provides extra battery life to the camera. Portable display LCD Block easily attaches or detaches to any ports of the Blocks Camera main body allowing users to play back the videos and images. One can also control the audio, change the settings and set the modes.

The modular camera will be available in two models: Blocks+ and Blocks+ H. The Blocks+ model offers video recording at 2K resolution and comes with a 10-megapixel stills and a burst mode up to 5fps. The built- in Wi-Fi allows you to control your Blocks+ camera from distances up to 650 feet with the Wi-Fi Remote. Users can also access information with a built-in GPS receiver. The Blocks+ camera has three high quality microphones to capture 3D sounds.

Blocks Camera

The Blocks+ H is an advanced version of the Blocks+ offering up to 4k-resolution recording and 12-megapixel stills with a burst mode up to 10fps. Currently on Kickstarter, Blocks Camera is looking to raise $200,000 funding goal. You can book the Blocks+ model for a pledge of $350 and the Blocks+ H model for $450.

Blocks Camera

Blocks Camera

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