Lume Cube: External flash light for smartphones and GoPro cameras

Lume Cube Flash light for iPhone, Android and GoPro

Though most smartphones come with built-in LED flash units, capturing photographs in the dark often demands an external light source. So, if you have been looking for something that can serve as a portable lighting tool for low-light and night time photography, Lume Cube is just for you. This high-power external light source for your smartphone measures 1.5 inches and comes encased in water resistant silicone shell. Compatible with iPhone, Android and GoPro and any basic camera, Lume Cube external light source features three LEDs that can generate up to 1500 lumens.

With its powerful magnet & innovative suction cup, Lume Cube flash light can attach to most surfaces and its 1/4-inch 20 mount can hook to tripods and action cam accessories. The light comes loaded with two modes- external flash for photos and constant light for video. Besides that, you can sync up to 5 Lume Cubes to your iPhone or Android smartphone through a Bluetooth-powered app which also allow you to adjust the brightness and duration of lighting. Lume Cube provides a battery life of almost two hours and it takes one hour to fully charge via an USB.

Lume Cube Flash light for iPhone, Android and GoPro

Currently in prototype stages, Lume Cube is running a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter and are looking for funds to manufacture the first batch of the flash light. Available in several colors, you can pre-order a single limited edition unit with a pledge of $59. For a dual kit, you will have to shell $99 and you can get your hands on a quad kit for $249.

Lume Cube Flash light for iPhone, Android and GoPro

Lume Cube Flash light for iPhone, Android and GoPro

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