Lunar Mission One looking to drill moon’s surface to reveal new secrets

Lunar Mission One robotic moon lander

Lunar Mission One robotic moon lander

Those of you who are interested in astronomy and fascinated by the Apollo Moon landing mission, here is your one-off chance to make history. A project is up on Kickstarter that goes by the name Lunar Mission One which plans to send an unmanned robotic landing module to the South Pole of the Moon. After successfully landing on the uninhibited moon surface the probe will attempt to drill the surface to the depth of at-least 20m and to a maximum of 100m. This will give the chance to discover geological composition of the Moon and understand the evolution of solar system in greater detail.

To make things interesting, the robotic moon lander will place a 21st century time capsule inside the borehole. This time capsule will have private archives of individual digital memory boxes which can contain anything you want. And this time capsule will survive for billions of years!

Along with the individual data files, the public archive will have important records like the authoritative record of life on Earth, history of mankind and other information that could be vital for other life forms to know what mankind was. Or perhaps, if we manage to be there for such a long time then a signboard for where to head to find us!

Lunar Mission One robotic moon lander

The robotic moon lander will drill moon’s surface

The mission is set to take-off in the year 2024 and the British-led venture is planning to raise £600,000 through Kickstarter. It is not surprising that the project has already raised £242,436 as I’m writing this article with 27 more days to complete the goal.



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