Chinese stunt driver sets Guinness World Records for tightest parallel parking and donut drifts

Han Yue sets Guinness world records for tightest car parallel parking

Han Yue, Chinese stunt driver has broken the world record of tightest car parallel parking. Squeezing his MINI 3 Door Hatch into a tiny gap measuring just 3.15 inch bigger than his car, the stunt driver reclaimed the Guinness world records title for the tightest parallel park from British Alistair Moffatt. This is for the second time that Han has taken the record after claiming the title back in 2012 where he managed to steer into a space of 5.91 inch bigger than his car. However, Alistair Moffatt surpassed that by setting a record of 3.4 inches in July 2013.

Reclaiming his throne by shaving of the previous record by just 0.6cm, Han Yue set the tightest car parallel parking record at the China Drift Championship which took place at Chongqing Olympic Park. Han was involved in another Guinness world record also where he partnered with another stunt driver and friend Zhang Shengjun from Chinese Taipei. Both drivers teamed up to set up a new record for most donuts around a car driving on two wheels in one minute. In a breathtaking attempt, the onlookers witnessed a spectacular sight where Han skilfully drove his Mini tilted on its side and Zhang steered his BMW M4 Coupe ten times in 60 seconds around his vehicle.

Via: Guinnessworldrecords



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