Vintage record player artistically crafted from Legos!

Lego vintage record player

It’s been a long time since we showed you an interesting Lego project that has the goodness of steampunk element attached to it. This vintage record player made from Lego bricks is a fully functional player complete with nixie tubes and LED for a steampunkish. All the electronic components are fitted neatly inside the frame of this Lego dominated record player which has amplifier and speakers that presumably will sound good.

Lego vintage record player

The audio player designed by Hayrobi has a very wood like texture to it and all the electronic components fit perfectly inside the rectangular form factor of the whole unit. The record player unit of the vintage player is equally well made with four semi-circular bases to hold the components.

This Lego vintage player looks quite impressive and designed quite immaculately. It was shown-off in Seoul at the Lego fan group exhibit Brickinside.

Lego vintage record player

Source: BrickInside/Flickr



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