Wireless Ring Mouse is tailor-made for giving PowerPoint presentations

Wireless ring mouse

Sanwa Direct (a Japanese online retailer) has come-up with a wireless ring mouse that doubles as a laser pointer too. Compatible with Windows and Mac, this ring like mouse pointer is perfect for making presentations or operating your system wirelessly from a distance while watching a movie for instance. The mouse is tailor-made for use with PowerPoint or any other presentation applications. Other than that, you can use this wireless mouse for normal PC operation too.

The Wireless Ring Mouse is loaded with a gyro sensor which understands the intended motion to make the corresponding movement of the cursor. It can be used by both left and right handed people easily by inverting the controls. The mouse weighs just 13 grams in total and works for around 24 hours continuously on one charge. After the battery runs out you can charge it in 90 minutes time by connecting to USB port.

Wireless ring mouse

Wireless Ring Mouse can be purchased right-off from Sanwa portal for 7,280 Japanese Yen (USD $62).

Wireless ring mouse



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