Get your own wearable robotic device for $5,190

The Muscle Suit by Tokyo

Robotics venture Innophys and Tokyo University of Science are shipping a new power-helping suit that will certainly put its users in the league of weight-lifters. The wearable is specifically designed to be used by nurses, factory workers and farmers. The exo-skeleton will enhance the working capability of the users and help them perform difficult tasks with ease. Thus, the workers will be able to concentrate more on their assigned task as they’ll be less tired and the suit will also protect them with any potential risk of injury.

Weighing about 5.5 kilograms (12 pounds), The Muscle Suit by Tokyo University of Science can be worn knapsack-style and can be controlled through a mouthpiece. The wearable power-assist device gets its power from specially designed rubber tubes and compressed air different from other exo-skeletons that are dependent on motors. This user-friendly and flexible muscle suit takes just 10 seconds to put on and is easy to walk around with. The suit is intended for such workers that are suffering from back pain including factory workers, nurses and the ones in distribution industry.

The Muscle Suit by Tokyo

According to Hiroshi Kobayashi, Professor at Tokyo University of Science, about 770 muscle suits have already been shipped and are being used in Japan for test runs by nurses and factory workers. With an expectation of shipping about 5000 units in 2015, The Muscle Suit by Tokyo University of Science will come with a price tag of ¥600,000 ($5,190).

The Muscle Suit by Tokyo

Via: WSJ



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