Wearable technology: GE Scientists are developing a high-resolution brain imaging helmet

brain imaging helmet by GE scientists

Brain is one of the most complex body part of our body and from a very long time scientists have been trying to understand it intricate nature, but with a little success. However, with new technologies evolving in this field, we can hope for better methods in understanding the most complicated biological structure. GE scientists are building a wearable imaging helmet that will help doctors to observe the brain on the cellular level. The high-resolution imaging device will also help doctors in studying the motor activity of the brain. As the helmet is portable and doesn’t include any external wires and cables, patients can move around freely as the brain is being imaged by the helmet.

If the project becomes successful, it will be a monumental step in imaging technology offering a better vision of brain function both in normal and diseased states. Part of Brain Initiative, a campaign launched by President Obama in April 2013, the objective was to find new ways to image the brain and study its function. Also to detect, treat and prevent brain disease and disorders like Alzheimer’s, autism and concussions. The high-resolution imaging helmet is being developed by GE in partnership with West Virginia University, University of Washington and the University of California-Davis.

The helmet will be using positron emission tomography (PET) that will work with new class of detectors called silicon photo multipliers and will replace bulky detectors that are currently used in PET scanners. The helmet can help us in understanding the organization of brain circuits and networks and how they function.

Via: Gereports



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