Uno Noteband is the world’s first wearable with Spritz platform

Uno Noteband

Uno Noteband: world’s first Spritz wearable

Uno, a Seattle-based company is all set to launch a wearable wristband that is not like any other wristband on the market. Called Uno Noteband, it is the world’s first wearable that uses Spritz, a platform that makes reading experience more focused and efficient. The newly set up company is started by Mark Long, former Meteor Entertainment CEO and one of the biggest names in the video games business. According to him, taking smartphones from our pockets and bags consumes a lot of our precious time. That’s why he has created Uno Noteband which will keep you connected to the world and your attention will stay where it’s needed: here and now.

The Uno Noteband will display all kinds of notifications such as messages, incoming calls, emails, calendars, texts, reminders, Facebook and Twitter. However, the unique feature of the wristband is the use of Spritz platform. This technology help readers access their content faster with less effort and across any device or screen size. Spritz was the inspiration behind the creation of the wearable which according to Long could deliver information at a glance and still looks great. A related smartphone app will allow the user to adjust the numbers of words per minute displayed on the Uno device which can be anywhere from 250 to 1,000 words-per-minute. However with Uno, you can only see messages and notifications and if you have to respond, you’ll have to pull out your smartphone.

Uno Noteband

Uno Noteband

By using his gaming experience, Mark Long has added another unique feature to the device which is specifically devoted to gamers. This app will allow gamers to see notifications such as game alerts, friend messages and invitations from Xbox Live, Playstation Network and Steam. The device will also act as a fitness tracker and will be compatible with apps such as Apple health and Google fit that monitors sleep pattern, calories intake and other data. The company will soon be launching a crowd-funding campaign for the Uno Noteband early next month.

Uno Noteband

Uno Noteband with Spritz Platform

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