LG GizmoPal: A smart wearable band for children

GizmoPal band by LG

LG is launching a smart wearable for children that will offer easy communication between kids and with their parents. Known as GizmoPal, the wearable band was launched in the US on Verizon couple of days back, however it has already made its name in South Korea where it was launched earlier this year as KizOn. The device is designed to offer easy and simple two-way communication between you and your child. Developed for kids anywhere from pre to middle school, GizmoPal can make and receive phone calls using its Auto answer function and single button calling.

GizmoPal band by LG

The kid-friendly band is very simple to use and does not involve any complicated steps. A press of button will allow your child to make or receive a call and then just have to speak into wearable and listen through its speaker. Besides calling, you can keep track of your child’s location also with the help of GizmoPal app. Parents will be able to install the app on their Android device or iOS device so they check their child’s location anytime, from anywhere using GPS technologies.

GizmoPal band by LG

The GizmoPal band by LG will allow you to register one other caregiver besides you who will be able to call and check the child’s location through the app. You can also register 2 additional contacts who can call your kid’s wearable band but won’t be able to check the location of the child. If are looking for buying one for your child, you can order at Verizon. Available in blue and pink color options, LG GizmoPal comes with a price of $80.

GizmoPal band by LG

Via: Verizonwireless



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