Flying waiter drone ready to serve in Singapore restaurant by 2015

Infinium robotics drone waiter

Infinium Robotics drone waiter to serve food in Singapore restaurant

Robots and UAV’s have taken our world by the storm with a future domination by mechanized intellects staring us straight in the face. Well, that is a far-sighted reality which we’ll eventually have to cope-up with. For now let us focus on their benefits however. Just like iTray, the flying tray drone, a Singapore restaurant is going to get robotic flying waiters for its five outlets in the city to automate the process of serving its guests. Infinium Robotics has signed a deal with Timbre Group to introduce this technology by the end of 2015 in their restaurants to serve people.

This will be the first attempt to replace human waiters with robotic waiters that will bring the order(s) to your table. This strategy will result in an enhanced dining experience for the clients and increase the revenue for the restaurants.

Infinium Robots showed-off the flying robots to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the inaugural launch of National Productivity Month in early October. Apparently these drones will make their debut at the restaurant chain which is among the most popular ones in the city.

According to Woon Junyang, Chief Executive Officer at Infinium Robotics, they are looking for productivity related government grants to cut-off the costs required for this project which will be in the low seven-figure sum.

Via: NationalGeographic



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