Vibrating shoes will help blind people walk without a cane

Duspavoni ultrasound shoes for blind people

To make the life of people with visual impairments a little easy, an Argentine student has developed smart shoes that comes equipped with ultrasound sensors. These shoes will help blind people to walk without a cane. The shoes are dubbed Duspavoni and are invented by Juan Manuel Bustamante, student at Industrial College No. 4 in Rio Gallegos. The ultrasound shoes which vibrate when the wearer approaches an object were presented at the National Science Fair in Buenos Aires last week. A conversation with a friend who was losing her vision gave the idea of vibrating shoes to Juan. He believes that his creation could revolutionize the lives of people with sight problems, partial or total visual impairment.

Duspavoni shoes for the blind comes with three ultrasound sensors placed in the front, back and side of the sole. The sensors emit ultrasound waves which are bounced back by the nearby objects. Then after calculating the size and distance of the objects, the shoes vibrate accordingly. The closer the object is, the more the device vibrates. If the object is in front of the wearer, the tip of the shoes vibrate. The sole vibrates when something is on the side and if an object is behind, the heel vibrates.
The ultrasound shoes can detect various kinds of obstacles such as people, trees, walls, cars and animals within a 25-inch radius of the wearer. The shoes are powered from rechargeable Li-Ion batteries which can be charged using USB cable or even by a mobile phone charger. The battery takes almost five hours to fully charge and can be last between three and five days.

Via: RT



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