Victoria’s Secret launches Incredible heart rate sensing bra

victorias-secret-incredible heart rate sensing bra

Seems like even Victoria’s Secret cannot keep out of the wearable technology bandwagon; even if it means sticking up one sensor to its apparel just for the sake of it. Adding to its line of sports bras for women with active lifestyle, the fashion house has launched the “Incredible” bra with a built in heart rate sensor that attaches to most clip-on heart rate monitors of leading brands.

The Victoria’s Secret heart rate sensing bra is really comfortable but it cannot be called a smart bra. With only heart rate sensors onboard, the Incredible bra has to be hooked up with heart rate monitors to communicate data to a mobile device for review. If they were treading the route, Victoria’s Secret could have done better here. But when it comes to comfort, there is no match.

Incredible bra is made from body-wick fabric, super-soft elastic band and seamless technology for extra comfort. The bra also features breathable padding for extra dryness all day. What makes the Incredible bra special is that you get comfort, you can ditch the belts required to clip on heart rate monitors and of course you get Victoria’s Secret apparel to flaunt (to that special one of course).

Taking home the Incredible heart rate sensing bra will be a little costly. You will have to shell anywhere between 72.50 to $75.50 for your choice of the bra.

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