World’s first cable-free elevators will use magnetic levitation technology to glide through buildings

futuristic MULTI elevator system by ThyssenKrupp

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional elevators that keeps us waiting in a queue for minutes and offers up and down transportation only. ThyssenKrupp, a German multinational conglomerate corporation is working on futuristic elevators that besides going up and down will take passengers horizontally as well. The new MULTI system will be the world’s first cable-free elevator that uses magnets to drive through buildings. The elevators will use linear motor technology that works with maglev, technology similar to what is used in some high-speed trains. Capable of moving both vertically and horizontally, the self-propelled elevators will accommodate multiple cabins. It will come with two motors, one of which will be used for horizontal movement and the other one for vertical motion.

Designed for skyscrapers with an optimum height of at least 300 meters, the MULTI elevator system will reduce elevator footprint by almost 50% and will increase available space in the building by 25%. The system comprises of multiple cabins running in a loop at 5 meters per second. Thus, passengers will have to wait for only 15 to 30 seconds which will save lots of wasted time of the workers. The futuristic MULTI elevator system by ThyssenKrupp is scheduled for testing by the end of 2016.

Via: TheVerge



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