NightHawk: AudioQuest unveils first headphones with mass-produced 3D printed parts

NightHawk first headphones with mass-produced 3D-printed parts

AudioQuest, leaders in producing high-quality analog and digital cables and audio accessories have unveiled their first headphone which features a small 3D printed component to enhance the sound quality of the device. Dubbed NightHawk, the high-quality headphones is the first mass-produced headphone to include a 3D-printed part in its design. Equipped with a complex biomimetic grille in the semi-open-back design, it is based on a butterfly wing structure that diffuses sound with its intricate lattice construction. A grille like NightHawk’s, with its complex diamond cubic latticework couldn’t have been possible with traditional manufacturing methods, that’s why AudioQuest turned to advanced 3D printing technology.

NightHawk first headphones with mass-produced 3D-printed parts

Designing the grille using 3D printing offered far less restrictions and boundaries, thus allowed the creators to work with complex designs and forms. Therefore, AudioQuest contacted French company Sculpteo for their 3D printing needs. Working with SLS-based printer and using Sculpteo’s plastic material, which is a variant of Nylon, the piece was printed out which weighs around 0.9 g/cm3. The plastic material begins as powder and is then melted in a series of layers to create the final object. The process used is called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) which allows for interlocking, movable and complex diamond lattices (as in case of NightHawk).

NightHawk first headphones with mass-produced 3D-printed parts

The creative design and the advanced technology of NightHawk headphones have already booked its name in the 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree (Headphones) and Winner (Eco-Design & Sustainable Technologies). AudioQuest’s NightHawk headphones will make its international debut in the year 2015.

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