Apple’s patent iPhone protection system will minimize free-fall damage

Apple patents iPhone protection system

Apple has patented a futuristic iPhone protection system that can recognize when a phone is dropped and re-orient its position in mid-air making sure that minimum damage happens during the fall. Apple was officially awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,903,519 by The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday for Protective mechanism for an electronic device. The aim is to protect expensive and delicate smartphone components from the most familiar problems with latest phones that is accidental drops. The system will calculate an expected point of impact when the phone is dropped and will shift its center of gravity to save sensitive components like camera and the glass screen.

Apple patents iPhone protection system

The iPhone protection system depends on onboard sensors such as onboard accelerometers, gyroscopes and GPS to monitor physical device activity and positioning. The data is transferred to a central processing unit by the positioning sensors to determine accurate device positioning, importantly in case of a freefall. Together the sensors and the processor measure speed of descent, time to impact, orientation and other metric and compare it with embedded information stored in device memory. Once all the calculations are made, a protective system is activated that repositions the device in midair so that amount of the damage is minimum after the fall.

Using phone’s internal vibration motor, the system changes the angular momentum of a freefalling iPhone, thus making it land on a preferred site, such as its side or back. Hopefully, we will see this patent iPhone protection system by Apple in the upcoming models of the iPhone.

Via: Appleinsider



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