Is Apple Pay the first truly mainstream mobile payment solution?

Is Apple Pay the First Truly Mainstream Mobile Payment Solution

Online payment services have gained a new entry with “Apply Pay.” More people are turning to the convenience of monetary transactions on the World Wide Web. Now people can use their iPhone 6 devices to buy products and services online. Is Apple Pay the first truly mainstream mobile payment solution?

Can you do anything using mobile devices?

People already text, talk and surf the World Wide Web using their mobile devices. They take “selfies” and make “Vine videos” using their “always-handy” smart phones. Now, the major Apple brand wants to empower them to complete monetary transactions using their cell phones also.

While the United States may lead the world in terms of developing the first telephones, it is starting to lag in some of the latest telecommunications developments. The Kenya MPesa system allows people to trade “phone minutes” like “baseball cards.” Scandinavian nations have experimented with the technology for “swiping phones like credit cards.”

What can you do with Apply Pay?

More people are rejecting the notion of camping out for “Black Friday” events when they can buy what they want online. A mobile payment is the natural progression with the ubiquity of cell phones and other devices. Forrester Research predicts that mobile payments could triple in value from 2014 to 2019.

Apple Pay allows customers to buy products and services from merchants who have signed up for the service. Apply iPhone 6 versions and above will allow owners to complete their transactions using mobile connections. The company intends to use fingerprints for authentication.

Is the world ready for Apple Pay?

The next step in the advancement of the Internet is mobile payment services. People already have their smart phones with them everywhere, now they can complete monetary transactions. Adding this to the popular Apple brand is of course a Win-Win!

Forrest Research states that 39% of people like the idea of not needing to carry cash around. The younger tech-savvy generation is more likely to sign up for the service – 59% of 18- to 34-year olds. There are so many tie-ins that Apple managers must be downright giddy.

Customers could enjoy special discounts at the Apple App Store or to selected merchants. The Apple brand stable of merchants will naturally be expanded due to this offering. And Apple hopes to increase iPhone 6 Plus sales offering this feature that other smart phones do not have.

Apple leading mobile payment solution

The future is bright for Apple with its brand listed amongst the most well-recognized in the world. The brand is so powerful that even politicians are mentioning it in speeches: “The Prime Minister of Finland thinks Apple is ruining his country’s economy.”

As Apple leads the pack with its “can’t-lose” pedigree, more stores will enter the mobile payment sphere. Apple could leverage its brand to become the first truly mainstream mobile payment solution. Find out how you can qualify for the best credit cards to enjoy the good life.



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