Pluggage – Smartphone connected suitcase that makes your travel hassle free

Delsey Paris Pluggage smartphone connected suticase

While travelling you luggage is you most important accessory which makes your travel easy. So why not have a luggage that is connected to your smartphone to ensure maximum security and added features? After 2 years of research Delsey Paris has designed a luggage that can be deemed as tech savvy in its own domain. Delsey Paris Pluggage suitcase comes with loads of features that frequent travelers will cherish I’m sure.

The suitcase comes with its own weighing scale which keeps you updates about the current weight which is important while air travel due to weight constraints of airlines. Another good feature is the interior lightning and battery charger which come handy while long travel stints.

Apart from that the luggage boasts fingerprint security system that unlocks the luggage only when an authorized fingerprint is recognized. While air travel too the luggage is detectable via the onboard detection feature which ensures that your valuables are completely safe at all times.

Another cheesy feature is its integrated speaker which keeps your ears filled with great music at all times. This high tech luggage is a very cool concept and you can help make it a reality with casting your vote.

Delsey Paris Pluggage smartphone connected suticase



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