You must give 3D printed crossguard lightsaber a try

Star wars force awakens lightsaber

Drawing inspiration from trailer of the upcoming Star Wars “Force Awakens” movie, French 3D printing shop FabShop has created an amazing 3D printed version of the new Star Wars lightsaber [pictured above]. If you want one of the new lightsaber from the movie, you can either wait until Disney begins to sell them, or you can head over to Thingiverse for piece-by-piece guidelines to build your own 3D printed lightsaber complete with the much debated crossguard.

3D printed lightsaber

The entire project is for fun and the FabShop team has taken full liberty to customize the lightsaber. However, what makes the 3D printed lightsaber really interesting is that its design is completely customizable – you can tweak the guidelines to create lightsaber from previous versions of the movie. The 3D printed lightsaber is made using an FDM desktop printer and PLA filament. Neat indeed? Leave your say below.

DIY 3D printed crossguard lightsaber

Via: Instructables/Gizmodo



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