Fineck fitness tracking necklace monitors posture and neck movement

Fineck fitness necklace

A very large percent of the population suffers with neck pain and its associated problems. To help people rectify their posture to minimize pain and discomfort, Veari has introduced the Fineck – a fitness and activity tracking necklace. The Fineck is designed primarily to monitor and improve wearer’s posture to help the individual get rid of neck pain and other ailments stemming from the neck.

Unlike the other wrist fitness bands, the Fineck doesn’t count steps or amount of calories burnt, instead the necklace made from silicone and titanium monitors the wearers neck movement, its position, motion and how long the individual is keeping the head tilted down including other things to help people rectify their neck and back position. Courtesy an associated app, the Fineck provides advice on how one can improve these aspects. The Fineck app comes with games to train the neck (games which can be controlled by neck movement).

Fineck fitness necklace-1

The Fineck features accelerometer and a gyroscope and has a rechargeable battery, which can be used for over seven days on single charge. The battery required just an hour to recharge. The necklace device is completely waterproof and connects to iOS devices using Bluetooth 4.0 (Android app is in development). A great alternative to wristband fitness trackers, the Fineck is available through Kickstarter. Early bird price for Fineck is $70, while you can take home a special gold Kickstarter edition of the necklace for $80. If all goes well, the Fineck should be available for shipping by April 2015.

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