Pyro Fireshooter gives you the superpower to shoot fireballs from hand

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With the Pyro Fireshooter you will not want to be a mutant or a superhero to pull off acts that are beyond humans. The fireshooter gives you supernatural power in your hands – with a simple squeeze of the palm it allows you to shoot fireballs from your hand. Created by Adam Wilber, the Pyro is professional wrist-worn device with four separate chambers for multiple fire shots. The individually triggered chambers allow you to shoot 4 fireballs before reload is required.

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The wrist-worn Pyro Fireshooter comes in soft finish with adjustable strap. The device is designed to contour on the underside of the wrist, which leaves the shooting hand completely empty. The device is controlled by a tiny remote control, designed to fit comfortably in the other hand, which activates by a squeeze of the fist.

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The Pyro Fireshooter is made after refinements of over two years and a total of seven working prototypes. It is available through Ellusionist for $174 in the US and is shipping internationally. It goes without saying that fireshooting device can only be bought by over 18s and buyers must watch its instructional properly before use.

Pyro Fireshooter

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