Viewbox VR headset works with big screen smartphones

Viewbox VR headset

Viewbox VR headset

If you thought that VR headsets fitted with smartphone to act as the display is going to be quite popular in the coming future, then you are quite right. After the launch of Samsung Gear VR headset it was quite evident that the trend would set in. Going with this new wave is the Viewbox VR headset which can accommodate smartphones up to the size of 3.5×6.7 inches. The headset is made from neoprene that adapts to the different size heads, making it comfortable to wear.

Viewbox VR headset comes with an interaction device that can be made by 3D printing the marker and pasting it onto cardboard or hard paper. Then by folding it into an ingot the interaction device is ready to act as virtual object like a sword or pong game bat.

The project is currently up on Kickstarter for funding to bring it to the commercial market. Currently in the prototype stage, this VR headset is fitted with two plano convex lenses (with 90 degree filed of view) which don’t need any barrel distortion to get better focus on the edges of the image.

Viewbox VR headset

Ingot that functions as the interaction device

When not in use the VR headset folds into itself for a compact from factor making it easy to carry around. It remains to be seen how well this VR headset performs with different genre of smartphones available in the market.

Viewbox VR headset

VR headset made from neoprene and plano convex lenses

Via: VRFocus



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