White House drenched in digitized holiday decorations this Christmas

Bo obama dog

For the year’s holiday celebrations this Christmas season, the White House is all set to get a technology boast. As planned, the East Wing and outside décor will have robotic First Dogs that react to anyone passing by, crowdsourced tree lights and interactive greeting card for the First Family. Going with the tech savvy aesthetics of the current administration, officials are all set to petrify the residents with their initiative.

There will be the robotic version of Obama’s dog Bo and it is quite aptly named as Bo-bot along with the First Family’s other dog Sunny. The dogs have motion sensors which detect movement and initiate the pre-programmed movements. To make the dogs look very real, designer Laura Dowling wrapped them in black polyester satin ribbon.

Bo obama dog

To add to the festivity, White House will have 56 Christmas trees with LED lights in the President’s Park, signifying all the U.S. states and territories. The lights a programmed using complex codes that are developed by Made With Code website. The website did this as an initiative to allow girls to log on to the site and program the lights.

Bo obama dog

As a part of the 3D printed Ornament Challenge, White house will also feature beautiful winter-inspired designs that will be displayed at various locations inside and outside the house.

Bo obama dog

But the stand out spectacle is going to be the digital snowscape which will be projected onto the East Wall. This will create the illusion of walking through a snow clad winter wonderland. Now that is downright mystic!

Digital snowscape White House

Source: WhiteHouse Via: WashingtonPost



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